The future of the Earth and humanity is tied to activities in outer space.


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What is the Space Security Index?

The Space Security Index project aims to improve trust and transparency related to space activities, and to provide a common, comprehensive, objective knowledge base to enhance capacity for dialogue and policies that contribute to the governance of outer space as a shared global commons.

The project seeks to achieve these goals by producing a collection of fact-based guides and assessments of interrelated trends and developments in space security that are based on primary, open-source research. 

In the past, the project published a single, annual report. Past reports can be found here.

To permit easier access to our material by a broader audience, we have mobilized this wealth of information into a collection of Issue Guides and Fact Sheets. We trust that they will help policymakers, journalists, educators, students, and the general public navigate the field of space security.

These resources are organized under four key themes of space security.

Condition and Knowledge of the Space Environment

Access to and uses of Space by Global Actors

The Security of Space Systems

Space Policies, Governance, and Regulation

We hope that this information provides the necessary facts and focus to inform an important debate that will influence our future in outer space, and on Earth.

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Who We Are

The Space Security Index is a research partnership between the following institutions:

Project Ploughshares & The University of Adelaide

Jessica West of Project Ploughshares is the project manager and primary contact person.

The Research Team

From the University of Adelaide

Dr. Melissa Zwart, Coordinator

Dr. Stacy Henderson, Coordinator

Dr. Dale Stephens, Coordinator

Lukas Price, Coordinator

Takahiro Abe, Researcher

William Campbell, Researcher

Mary-Frances Darmody, Researcher

Scott Hanel, Researcher

Rachel Neef, Researcher

From Project Ploughshares

Jessica West, Coordinator

Mark McWhinney, Researcher

Chris Earle, Reseacher

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