SSI: Space Security Index

The Space Security Index is the first and only annual, comprehensive, and integrated assessment of space security.

Based on seventeen indicators of space security, it provides background information and in-depth analysis on key trends and developments in the space field.

The project seeks to provide a fact base of trends and developments in space security based on primary, open source research. It also includes an annual global assessment of the status of space security by an invited space expert.

The objective of the Space Security Index is to facilitate dialogue on space security challenges and potential responses by providing the necessary facts and focus to inform an important debate that has become unnecessarily polarized.


Project Ploughshares

Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University

Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics at The University of Adelaide

The Simons Foundation Canada

Space Policy Institute at The George Washington University

Erin J.C. Arsenault Trust Fund at McGill University